My final message to you (Student to Student)

The time has come… This is my last blog. My testament to you.

It has been a long journey, and this is my 8th post for HSLU University.

I found this task so inspiring and now I think my mission is completed.

On this last blog though, I will give you a recap and a last message.

If you are one of those that read all of my blogs, or if you are one of those that will read all of them after reading this blog, I would like to thank you so much and I hope my writing was clear and helpful.

It is my goal in life, to think and serve a though in the easiest possible way.

To give you the essence of what I have studied for almost a decade.

The two topics that I teach, are business and personal development.

In these blogs, I wrote about them for YOU and other university students in Europe like you.

Starting from how to know yourself and what you want in life and how to start a business or find a job.

Yes, to many of you, probably because of the titles or pics that I use, you may think of me as a ”fake guru”.

I am nit here to sell you anything. My life is perfect and fulfilled.

Now in this face my goal is to share what helped me and what can help you.

It is no secrets here. Maybe there are tricks. Little things that you find in each of my blogs.

Things that helped me achieve a lot.

I say this because things were not like this.

This is me just a couple of years ago:

I was working in a restaurant and doing my bachelors at the same time.

You maybe be in a worse or a better situation, it doesn’t matter.

Because no matter what you have or where you are in life, you want more.

It is a human thing to want more.

Be always grateful, but never satisfied.

If you show that you are grateful, maybe by just saying thank you, more will come to you.

I am the most grateful person, every time. This is an affirmation I use, and you can do too.

If you CARE… not only if you work on something, but if you CARE for something, then that thing will grow.

Forget about doing things automatically. The easy daily tasks need automation.

The big dreams though, need an outside power. That comes when you care.

When you are truly and fully committed to do your best.

This is how kids and how everything else grows.

Caring is the secret.

It is how you look up to yourself to look the best.

Dressing the nicest clothes.

Making sure every detail is on place.

Preparing every scenario and BELIEVING you already are capable.

That is how the magic works.

I was able to write and publish a series of 3 ebooks on Kindle Amazon. (You cannot find them online anymore)

This is because I was obsessed.

I was constantly thinking and caring for every detail.

My brain believed it more and more.

When I first told myself that I will write a book, I didn’t believe it.

START even if you don’t see the vision clearly.

START with a dream because that is a strong reason to keep you going.

START because all the help will come.

Once your idea takes form, and you have clear questions in your head, the answers will come.

The moment you are emotionally involved you will get the answers.

Your job is to start and to continue. The steps will be shown along the way.

This is not something I say. This is something that others taught me, and I saw that it worked.

It works for everyone, anytime and everywhere. It is a LAW.

Whatever is it that you are pursuing at this moment as a university student in Europe, I gave you a lot of help.

By reading my blogs you will not longer be in financial difficulty.

You know the mindset and the ways to make money.

If you apply for a job you know what to do with your CV and your Cover Letter.

Or, you want to start your own business, you know how to start.

I will be here, to help you and to celebrate with you at the end.

Please, if something is not clear or you want to discuss something about my blogs, reach out.



Dario Hani

I see that many university students in Europe struggle financially and all they think of is how to save money. My mission for these blogs is to teach them the right mentality and some ways to make money. Don't hesitate to reach out to me!

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