FemUnity: What’s next?

A last hi from me to you beautiful people,

This is my last article in this blog post marathon, and I would like to take this opportunity to say a few things as a closure.

It has been an amazing journey, having the opportunity to write about a project that is so close to my heart. There is still so much to do @ FemUnity and I am more than excited for the upcoming time concerning our community’s growth. 

It’s been a pleasure presenting the journey we had at FemUnity, getting out of my comfort zone and talking to the camera (& uploading a video on YouTube for the first time in my life – also thanks Mali for sharing the experience with me), and in short sharing one important message through my posts: Empowered Women Empower Women.

Let’s keep empowering each other, making space for each other, praising each other, most of all accepting one another for who we are…

I’d like to share again the link to our instagram page again here (click on the picture down below), so you can follow the upcoming events we’ll have at FemUnity. We have some ideas already, such as going into a more business-related direction by organising a business talk together with female entrepreneurs for instance…

…but as mentioned in our video, you are always welcome to share your ideas with us! Just DM us 💌 Love Letter Emoji

Stay tuned on Insta’ for more & Take care



Tugce Han Beyli

Ever wanted to participate in events where you can freely share your thoughts, exchange, and build a network with your female peers? Then you'd be warmly welcome to follow what we do at FemUnity! Standing for Female & Community, FemUnity aims at gathering women and offering them a space for networking, discussing and supporting each other. Follow my posts to know more about us and what we do... - Tugce (Co-Founder) @ FemUnity - Lörrach & Basel (2019 - Present)

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