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I would like to take the opportunity today to talk about female inspiration; going from female entrepreneurship to social achievements.

To get some examples of female figures of inspiration, I asked the question to my followers… 

I’m sure that you also might know some of them as well! As you can recognise, some of the names ring immediately a bell because of their popularity and their achievements in the society. Though now, I would like to pick one of the answers, and add one of my biggest inspiration sources for today’s blog post.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was born in 1989.

At 22, she met Sean Rad and started working with him and three other guys on Tinder. The name was chosen by Whitney – meaning “dry, flammable material”, referring to the burst of a spark. Very soon, Tinder became a global hit.

At that time, Whitney was dating Justin Mateen, one of the Co-Founders. However, when they break up, Justin starts to threaten, control and insult her, which pushes her to leave the company .

She decides to sue the company for sexual harassment in 2014, which costs her to receive death and rape threats on social media. 

Coping with panic attacks and being blocked in her house, in the meanwhile, she starts sketching out a new business idea.

From there on, she founds Bumble at the age of 25, a dating app where only women can send the first message.

Beginning this year in 2022, Bumble listed on the stock exchange: its valuation reached 14 billion, making her the youngest self-made woman in history to become a billionaire.

Another story I would like to share is from the gymnastics history – being a former gymnast myself, I feel the need to share this exceptional story.

As you know, the Olympic Games in Tokyo happened last year, leaving behind beautiful memories and joyful moments for the participants, but also for the viewers. 

One particularly inspiring moment marked me as I was watching the qualifications in Artistic Gymnastics. 

I could witness the retirement of Oksana Chusovitina who sadly couldn’t make it to the finals. But Oksana is not a regular gymnast. She is 46 years old and was competing her 8th Olympics… 

Yes 8th! Her first were back in 1992, almost 30 years ago. FYI she has a 22 year-old son who’s older than most of the gymnasts she competed with. This is especially spectacular when you know gymnastics is believed to be a sport for younger bodies. 

Not only is she a role model for the gymnastics world, but she is simply a global source of inspiration as she shows that nothing is impossible to achieve if one has a strong determination and focus on its goal. 

She said in one of her interviews: « Never be afraid, always believe in yourself, keep moving forward and keep trying because if you don’t try, you will never know how far you can come. »


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    1. Thanks Marine for giving me the idea to write about Whitney, her story is truly touching…
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      Thank YOU for your comment, as it is also a proof of female empowerment🥰

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