The Maderanertal – spectacular high alpine scenery

A rough natural paradise

A wild and romantic mountain world awaits you! In the Maderanertal you will encounter natural beauties such as glaciers, lakes and mountain streams. 

This quiet, natural paradise is located around 30 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the Gotthard autobahn. It is the place to escape the polluting car horns and tune in to traditional cowbells. 

Once in the Maderanertal, why not stop by at the Windgällenhütte? This mountain hut is located on a sunny terrace on the edge of a large alluvial plain. The Windgällenhütte offers a paradisiacal outdoor playground for families. 


  • Location: Bristen Maderanertal, Switzerland
  • Position: 2032 m above sea-level
  • Difficulty level: medium 
  • Sleeps: 60 people
  • Food: homemade specialties, Älplermagronen, Alpine products, a hot soup, nut croissants or home-made cakes
  • Good to know: a dox box is available in their workshop,

Nearby you will also be able to find climbing gardens and impressive peaks for experienced alpine hikers.

Bergstation Golzern – Windgällenhütte – Öfeli – Balmenschachen – Talstation Golzernseilbahn 

The first steps lead from Golzern to the Golzernsee. On lovely summer days, it is a popular bathing destination. Then follows the ascent over meadows to the Windgallenhütte. 

As the trail continues, the full beauty of the Maderanertal reveals itself: Alpenrose, mountain streams and the sun shimmers on the horizon. Then the footpath: A section with many zigzag turns and a beautiful view of the 73-meter high Milchbach Falls. Finally, out of the valley, you can choose the historical path. Friedrich Nietzsche and Johannes Brams once walked on it.

Fact O’Clock:

  • The Maderanertal  is registered in the Swiss federal inventory of landscapes and natural monuments
  • The highest mountain in the Maderanertal is the Oberalpstock
  • The Maderanertal is known for its vast hiking area, rock climbing routes, fishing opportunities and biking paths

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