Google Stadia in 3 Mins

Do you also find yourself spending more time on video games while staying indoors during the pandemic?

I remembered spending more time online as I had to serve quarantine last December. You can guess what I was doing most of the time.

With Google Stadia, you can play high-quality games even if you have no graphics card and little memory space. The only thing you need is a device (such as a PC, TV, phone) with a stable internet connection.

Carbon neutral? No worries!

According to Google, its data centre is carbon neutral. This means that the Stadia gaming product is twice as energy-efficient as the average data centre.

Check out my video today!

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11 thoughts on “Google Stadia in 3 Mins

  1. Pretty cool, especially for people who don’t have an expensive PC or console. I also like the open ending, did you manage to escape?

    1. Hello Jonathan, this is true especially when there is a shortage of GPU worldwide. Do check out my other posts. 🙂 Not yet but I will! Haha.

  2. Google Stadia! I personally am waiting for google to roll it out for Singapore.
    Gone are the days of upgrading my PC every few years to play the latest games!

    1. It is a shame that they are unavailable in Asia markets at the moment. I actually reached out to them to ask if there are upcoming plans to expand to the Asia market. I can let you know if I get a satisfactory response. 🙂

      I see your point. Tech keeps advancing and we keep adapting our lifestyles accordingly. Thanks for following my blog posts!

    2. Stadia replied and said that they have no news about its availability in Asia but they will take it as feedback.

  3. I always learn new things when I visit your blog posts, Nicole! You look great on the video. What a way to finish the video- impressive!

    1. Thanks for being so encouraging, Demet. I am glad you learnt something new here. Thanks for noticing! 🙂

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