CEO’s Point of View Part III: Digital is Now!

In the Philippines, the increasing number of Filipino digital users drive the growth of the digital marketing landscape continuously. We already know that not only are Filipinos some of the world’s biggest social media users, they’re also some of the most frequent Internet users. The increasing influence of digital marketing cannot be denied. It is a constantly developing market that offers countless opportunities.

To help us understand the current state and get a hint of what’s next in digital marketing in the Philippines, I had a quick chat with the CEO & Founder of one of the country’s most successful SEO services company.

Sean Si | Blogging. SEO. Internet Marketing. Social Network Marketing. Inspirational and Motivational Talks. Reputation Management. He does speaking engagements throughout the Philippines. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker, an SEO and internet marketing company. His expertise in the field has drawn the attention of business and company owners, internet marketers, event organizers, bloggers, and other people interested in penetrating the booming internet market of the Philippines and abroad. Source:


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  1. Inspirational perspective! Your blog post on the CEO’s Point of View Part III: Digital is Now! highlights the importance of embracing digital strategies in today’s business landscape. It’s a compelling read that underscores the significance of innovation and adaptation for success. Thanks for sharing this forward-thinking perspective!

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