Mastering the Art of Dribbling in Hockey: Essential Skills and Drills

Dribbling in hockey, also known as stickhandling, is a fundamental ability that all players must perfect in order to travel successfully on the ice, maintain control under duress, and execute plays with accuracy. Whether you’re a novice trying to learn the fundamentals or an experienced player looking to hone your skills, this guide will provide important insights and practical exercises to help you improve your dribbling talents.

Understanding Dribbling Mechanisms

Dribbling in hockey is more than just pushing the puck down the ice; it necessitates agility, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. To begin, take the proper stance: bend your knees, place your feet shoulder-width apart, and distribute your body weight evenly. This position improves stability and responsiveness as you move.

The top hand of your stick should do the most of the work by giving control and direction, while the bottom hand supports and directs the movements. Keep your elbows slightly bent and away from your body to ensure a broad range of motion.

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Essential Dribbling Techniques

  • Basic Stickhandling: Place the puck immediately in front of you and practice moving it from side to side with only your top hand. The idea is to become comfortable with the puck on your stick and to develop muscle memory.
  • Dribbling While Moving: Once you’re comfortable with stationary dribbling, start practicing while skating gently. As you gain confidence, gradually increase your speed to ensure that you can retain puck control at different speeds.
  • Changing Directions: Making abrupt turns and sudden changes in direction is essential. To practice tight-turn dribbling, set up cones in a zigzag pattern and maneuver around them while keeping puck control.

Advanced Dribbling Skills.
To improve your dribbling abilities, include these advanced tactics into your practice:

  • Toe Drags: This maneuver allows you to draw the puck back towards yourself to avoid an opponent or change course quickly. Roll your wrist and draw the puck back with the toe of your stick blade.
  • Through-the-Legs: This deceptive technique can help you defend the puck or create scoring opportunities. Practice sliding the puck through your legs from one side to the other while moving forward.
  • Puck Protection: Learn how to utilize your body to protect the puck from opponents. This entails keeping your body between the defender and the puck while adjusting your stance and stick position as necessary.

Drills To Improve Dribbling

  • Regular practice with specialized exercises can greatly improve your dribbling abilities. Here’s a handful to get you started:
  • Set up an obstacle course with cones, sticks, and tires. Navigate the course with the puck on your stick, keeping control while speeding up and slowing down.
  • One-on-One Shadowing: For this drill, pair up with a colleague. One player dribbles the puck, while the other attempts to closely replicate their moves without making touch. This workout enhances both offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Speed Dribbling: Try dribbling down the ice as quickly as possible while retaining control. This workout improves your hand quickness and puck control under pressure.


Dribbling is an important technique in hockey that takes effort and patience to acquire. Understanding the fundamental principles and frequently participating in exercises will help you improve your ability to maneuver on the ice, dodge defenders, and contribute more effectively to your team’s efforts. Remember that consistency in practice and a desire to push your limits are essential for dribbling success.

To better show the Dribbling Techniques i also uploaded a Video on Youtube go watch it and im sure you will better understand the different dribbling techniques.


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