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Invest in memories, invest in travel: Next move (Europe)

Historic Europe

Finally, I arrived in Europe, 🌍 and although many of you probably already know little or much about my exploration, I want to share a little bit. 🚶‍♂️


Calamari Bocadillo and Beer
Calamari Bocadillo

My adventure began in Madrid, that city that never sleeps and overflows with places to discover and history on every corner. Personally, I fell in love with the calamari sandwich, a delight that became my favorite snack while exploring its bustling streets. 🥪

Toledo Bridge

Then, I arrived in Toledo, a charming city with breathtaking views and the best marzipan I have ever tasted in my life. Its cobbled streets and medieval atmosphere transported me to another time.🏰

The Sagrada Familia on a beautiful day
Sagrada Familia

Barcelona was another milestone in my journey. The city’s energy is contagious, with a vibrant nightlife and countless places to discover. Additionally, I cannot fail to mention the delicious wines that I was able to taste on every corner. 🍷

City of Arts and Sciences, Turia Garden
City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia, famous for its Valencian paella, did not disappoint at all. What a delight! Additionally, I discovered the Turia Garden, a green oasis in the middle of the city that was perfect for exercising and biking.🥘🚴‍♂️

And we cannot forget Alicante, with its dreamy beaches and a fascinating history that can be felt in every corner. Definitely a place to relax and enjoy the sun! 🏖️


Torre Eiffel by night
Torre Eiffel

My next stop was Lourdes, a truly beautiful place full of peace, where the presence of devotees from all over the world creates a unique atmosphere. I felt a special connection with the spirituality of the place and marveled at the devotion that permeates it. 🕊️

The Eiffel Tower from a top-down angle
Great city view

Then, I arrived in Paris and was completely impressed. I did not expect it to be so fun and exciting. From the moment I arrived, I discovered that there were a thousand and one things to do, explore, and visit in this city that never sleeps. Paris is undoubtedly one of the three places where I have walked the most in my life, and each of its points of interest deserves to be explored.🗼🎭

The Parisian atmosphere is simply incomparable. Both day and night, the city is overflowing with life and energy. The cuisine is another highlight; every bite is an unforgettable culinary experience. 🥐

The Palace of Versailles on a beautiful day
Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles was one of the highlights of my visit. I was amazed by its grandeur and opulence. Strolling through its halls, walking through its meticulously cared for gardens, and ending the day by the canal with a glass of wine was a true pleasure for the senses.🏰🍇



Beautiful canals in Bruges
Manneken Pis, hilarious
Manneken Pis

My next adventure took me to Bruges, a city that seems to be taken from a fairy tale. Its impressive canals, charming cobbled streets, and delicious chocolates create a magical atmosphere that simply enamored me. Every corner of Bruges is a work of art, and getting lost in its alleys is an unforgettable experience.🏰🍫

Then, I arrived in Brussels, a city that seamlessly blends the historical with the modern. I was amazed by its beautiful architectural structures, especially the Manneken Pis – what a curious and amusing figure! And of course, I can’t forget to mention the delicious fries and excellent beer I enjoyed while exploring the city.🍟🍺


Rotterdam canals
Rotterdam canals
The Hague on a clear day
The Hague

My adventure in the Netherlands began in Rotterdam, an impressive city with its large port and breathtaking modern architecture. Then, I explored The Hague, a picturesque city offering charming walks and a truly welcoming atmosphere. Although my time in these cities was brief, I was left eager to explore further.🌷🚢

The fabulously friendly Amsterdam
A delicious Heineken strolling through the city
Heineken Time!

But then I arrived in Amsterdam, and what an experience! It’s simply madness, a completely different scene altogether. Boating along its canals is simply wonderful, and strolling through the city streets while enjoying a Heineken beer is an unparalleled experience. The lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, coupled with the varied shopping options and vibrant nightlife, make Amsterdam a truly fascinating destination.🚤🍻

Enjoying a delicious cheese in Edam
Some fresh seafood in Volendam

In addition to Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to visit other gems of the Netherlands. Edam, for example, is a charming city known for its striking canals and incomparable cheeses. And Volendam… what a picturesque place! For me, it’s one of the top destinations, and you can’t miss the chance to try its delicious fresh seafood or visit its cheese factory, where goat cheese is a mouthwatering delight.🧀🦐


The Berlin Wall
A sad history
Alexanderplatz and we went for beers

My journey took me to Berlin, a city overflowing with history, stunning architecture, and vibrant nightlife. How could I forget Alexanderplatz? Honestly, I don’t even remember how that night ended, but it was an unforgettable experience!🌆🎉

Lovely Dresden

Then I explored Dresden, a true architectural gem with a rich history that invites you to wander its charming streets. I can’t forget to mention the spectacular venison burger I tried there – it was finger-licking good!🍔🏛️

Bergkirchweih amazing!

Bamberg was another quaint discovery, famous for its brewing tradition. It’s definitely worth visiting this city. 🍻

Erlangen is another one of those European cities that simply steals your heart. Although, yes, they all seem to have their charm, but what really stands out here is the Bergkirchweih, the largest beer festival I’ve experienced so far! I’ve already been twice and plan to keep going – it’s awesome!🍺🎡

Imperial Castle of Nuremberg
Castle of Nuremberg
Rock im Park Rules!
Rock im Park!

Nuremberg, one of my favorite cities, marked the beginning of my new life in Europe. I was fascinated by its old town surrounded by a medieval wall and its connection to the Nazi regime, especially the Palace of Justice, where the famous trials took place. Now, while it’s sad to remember what happened, it comforts me to know that the palace is used for cultural events such as concerts, like the amazing Rock im Park.🏰🎶

A day in Munich

Lastly, Munich, a city brimming with life and movement. Its impressive architecture, parks, museums, and wide variety of breweries make it an unmissable destination. I regret missing Oktoberfest, but I’ll definitely go soon!🍻🎪

Czech Republic

Prague Astronomical Clock amazing
Prague Astronomical Clock
Delicious Trdelnik
Delicious Trdelnik

Now it’s Prague’s turn, a truly picturesque city that captivates all visitors. The Charles Bridge is simply charming and gives the city a special tone, while taking a cruise along the Vltava River offers a unique perspective of its wonders. And to top off the day, there’s nothing like enjoying a delicious Trdelnik that makes your mouth water! Undoubtedly, a culinary experience you can’t miss while exploring the wonders of Prague.🍢🏰


Statue of Cumil
Statue of Cumil

On our way, we made a stop in Bratislava, a city brimming with charm with its old town full of Baroque and Renaissance architecture. It’s the perfect place for a stroll and to immerse yourself in the rich history of the city. If you decide to climb the hill, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning views of the Danube River. What a beauty! Undoubtedly, a must-stop for those wishing to explore the history and natural beauty of Europe.🏰🏞️


Fisherman's Bastion, snd I fell in love
Fisherman’s Bastion
Hungarian Parliament by night
Hungarian Parliament

Then we headed to Budapest, and I was fortunate to have a childhood friend who has been living there for many years. He took me to discover the wonders that this city has to offer. Hungarian food is truly tasty, as well as their desserts. But what surprised me the most was taking the night cruise on the Danube River. Seeing the city illuminated and full of life from the water is an experience you can’t miss. Budapest truly shines under the stars, and that boat ride is a perfect way to experience it.🌉🚢


Stadtpark, on a sunny day
Vienna Opera Ball, magnificent
Vienna Opera Ball

We continued our journey to Vienna, and I couldn’t help but recommend visiting Schönbrunn Palace and the opera theaters. The city center is simply charming and cosmopolitan, with its wide avenues, beautiful parks, and a vibrant cultural life that captivates anyone. I couldn’t resist taking a stroll through Naschmarkt, where I tried all kinds of culinary delights, from exquisite main dishes to irresistible desserts. And of course, I ended the experience with some beers while enjoying live music from local bands. A true delight for the senses!🏰🎻


Beach in Scala dei Turchi surrounded by crystal-clear waters
Beach in Scala dei Turchi

And now we’re heading to Sicily, an island so large that exploring it is quite an adventure! But doing so while enjoying the beautiful beaches makes the trip even more enjoyable. You can’t miss the Scala dei Turchi, a wonder for the eyes with its stunning rock formations, and cooling off in its crystal-clear waters is simply a must! And, of course, a stop in Palermo is essential to taste some delicious pasta and immerse yourself in Sicilian cuisine.🏝️🍝

Piazza Venezia, on a peaceful day.
Piazza Venezia

Then, we arrived in Rome, a city that takes your breath away! It never sleeps, with its cosmopolitan atmosphere and an incredible amount of people. Here, you can’t miss any of its tourist attractions, there are so many to explore!🏛️🍕

Beautiful beaches in Firenze

Florence, the city of beautiful bridges, palaces, churches, art, and varied gastronomy, is simply charming. Every corner of this city breathes history and beauty.🏰🖼️

Torre di Pisa on a sunny day
Torre di Pisa

And finally, we arrived in Pisa, a destination I always wanted to visit with my family. Seeing the famous Leaning Tower was a dream come true, and the atmosphere of the city completely captivated us. Its other structures are also impressive and contribute to the beauty of this place.🗼📸

Venice canals

And how not to mention the great Venice, a city that needs no introduction! Getting lost in its canals, immersing yourself in its unique atmosphere, exploring its picturesque shops and squares is an experience I will never forget. Even Google Maps couldn’t locate itself. Undoubtedly, a destination that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.🚤🎭


Lake Luzern in its greatness
Lake Luzern

Now we venture into the spectacular country of Switzerland, a place that simply dazzles in every aspect. It’s known for its tranquility and impeccable order, and the truth is, we all know how this very efficient country operates.

Lausanne Lake by day
Lausanne Lake
Lauterbrunnen on a sunny day

Definitely, its landscapes are dreamlike, from the breathtaking Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald to the charming Interlaken and glamorous St. Moritz. And we can’t forget the majestic Matterhorn, which seems to be taken from a fairy tale. In addition, its lakes, such as Lausanne, Locarno, Neuchâtel, Sursee, Zurich, Zug, St. Gallen, and Lucerne, among others, are simply incomparable in their natural beauty.🏔️🏞️

Grindelwald, a landscape come to life

And Swiss cities are like something out of a postcard, with their unique charm and impeccable architecture. The only place I can think of that could compare to Switzerland is New Zealand, two natural beauties in such distant yet equally impressive locations. Without a doubt, Switzerland is a destination that leaves an indelible mark on all those fortunate enough to visit.🏔️


While I was here, I also had the opportunity to visit Liechtenstein, and it’s almost as if you haven’t left Switzerland. Everything maintains the same order and prices (ha, ha!), and the nature is equally charming. But still, it’s worth marking another destination on your map and exploring this small and charming principality.


Big Ben in its splendor
Big Ben
Tower Bridge on a clear day
Tower Bridge

London left me completely impressed; it’s an incredibly cosmopolitan and lively city. Everything seems to be in constant motion and in perfect order, though yes, it’s a bit pricey, but it was definitely worth every penny spent visiting it. From the imposing presence of Big Ben and the majestic Buckingham Palace to the iconic London Eye observation wheel and the impressive Tower Bridge, London has so many iconic places to visit.🏰🎡

Natural History Museum Impressive
Natural History Museum
Camden, a perfect destination for fun
Seven Sisters Eastbourne on a perfect day!
7 Sisters Eastbourne

Its museums are simply outstanding, and the culinary variety is impressive. Personally, I enjoyed going to Wetherspoon to eat and have some beers; it’s an experience you can’t miss. Plus, the Camden neighborhood is a must on any trip to England. 🍻

Although I didn’t get the chance, I would love to explore the entire country by car in the future. Surely there are many more treasures to discover in this land full of history and beauty!🚗🗺️


Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia
Bosphorus ride

Istanbul, what an incredible city! Let’s start with the food… simply delicious! The sweets are a true temptation. And the mosques are truly impressive, with their breathtaking majestic architecture. I can’t forget to mention the Bosphorus cruise, which separates Europe from Asia; it’s a truly stunning experience.🕌🍬 Enjoying a day at the beach

Plus, the beaches are simply divine, and the prices are more than affordable. Istanbul is definitely a must on any traveler’s list!🏖️💰

Efes Time!


Sveti Stefan on a sunny day
Sveti Stefan
Delicious seafood!
Delicious seafood!

Podgorica is a lovely city, with remarkable development and very friendly inhabitants. However, the truly unmissable experience is to take a trip to Sveti Stefan. Its beaches are simply spectacular, the seafood is delicious, and the atmosphere is very welcoming to tourists. There are many beaches to visit and the prices are incredibly good. You won’t regret exploring this beautiful corner of Montenegro!🏝️🦞


Carriage Rides through the City
Carriage Rides

So! When my dad and some friends came to visit, we decided to take a trip to Krakow. And let me tell you, the old town is absolutely stunning. It feels like stepping back in time with its cobblestone streets and charming buildings.🏰🚶‍♂️

Krakow is impressively well-organized, and one highlight was taking carriage rides through the city streets, which felt like a royal experience.🐴👑

Delicious Goulash

The nightlife scene is also vibrant, with plenty of bars and pubs to keep you entertained until the early hours.🎶🍻

And the food! We indulged in some delicious goulash that was simply fantastic, and Krakow is filled with lovely parks like Planty Park where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.🍲🌳

Obwarzanek Krakowski, traditional breadt

But amidst all the fun, we also made a somber visit to Auschwitz. The history there is incredibly tragic, and it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sorrow and suffering. It’s a sobering experience that really makes you reflect on the human condition. 🕊️😔

I think that pretty much sums up my experience in Europe initially. Lots of history, beautiful cities, and tourist attractions everywhere. Plus, there’s a lot of peace and tranquility, and it’s easy to get around from one place to another. It truly is a blessing to live on this continent, as you have everything at your fingertips.🌟🌍

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