Zadoys Guide to Pokemon TCG – Players

For Players Guide: How to Start Playing and Essential Items to Buy

If you’re a new player looking to begin your journey in the Pokémon TCG, knowing which items to purchase for a smooth and enjoyable experience is essential. First and foremost, a Starter Deck priced at 19.90 is the perfect entry point. These pre-constructed decks are designed to help newcomers learn game mechanics and strategies with a balanced mix of Pokémon, Trainer, and Energy cards. In addition, a Battle Box priced at 39.90 is a valuable support item, as it often includes additional cards, dice, and tokens to enhance your game-play. To protect and organize your cards, invest in Dragon Shield card sleeves for 9.90 and a deck box starting at 4.90. Finally, a playmat priced at 19.90 will provide a comfortable and clean surface for your battles while showcasing your style. By acquiring these essential items, you’ll be well-equipped to start your Pokémon TCG adventure and embark on a journey of learning, collecting, and battling!

For those with larger budgets, we recommend considering Elite Trainer Boxes starting at $59.90 or the latest Booster Box for $159.90. These options increase your chances of pulling the card you want and obtaining all the necessary meta cards. To shop, simply scan/click  the QR code below.


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Zadoys Guide to Pokemon TCG – Players

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