Eco-tourism in Brazil: Fernando de Noronha


Fernando de Noronha is a very well kept and organized island, with breathtaking landscapes and a crystal blue sea. Not to mention the island’s good vibe: friendly and welcoming people, delicious restaurants, and movie-like sunsets!

In this post you will read the main tips for planning a trip there and our 7-day Fernando de Noronha Itinerary – the minimum time for those who are going for the first time and want to see the main tours calmly.

So let’s read all about our Fernando de Noronha Itinerary + the main tips for first-timers? This is a trip that requires planning, so the more information you have, the rounder and more trouble-free your trip will be!

  • Understanding Fernando de Noronha (map and main beaches)

The island of Fernando de Noronha belongs to the state of Pernambuco and is located about 500 km from the capital, Recife. Although it is not considered a municipality, the island has its own administration. The administrator is appointed by the Government of the State of Pernambuco, which is responsible for the islands.

  • How to get to Fernando de Noronha?

To get there you have to go – necessarily – through Recife or Natal. From Recife there are 2 to 5 flights a day with Gol and Azul. From Natal, there are only 2 flights a week (on Wednesdays and Sundays), operated by Azul. Gol’s aircraft are jets and Azul’s are jets or ATR turboprops

First secret tip: Choose the right side of the plane!
Here, Im gonna give you a golden tip, huh? When you buy your ticket, choose seats on the left side of the plane. This is because it is on this side that you have a spectacular view of the Morro Dois Irmãos when you land!


  • Fees required to enter Fernando de Noronha

There are two mandatory fees (okay, one of them is not mandatory) charged to tourists traveling to Fernando de Noronha:

  1. Environmental Preservation Fee (TPA).
  2. The TPA amount is charged per day of stay on the island and must be paid upon arrival at the airport or before via internet (when leaving the plane, there will be two lines: one for those who have already paid the TPA and another for those who will pay on the spot). In 2019, the amount is R$73.52 per person per day in Noronha, and from the 6th day on, the cost decreases a little. However, from the 11th day on, the value increases progressively. Only children under 4 years old are exempt from this tax.


  • When to go to Fernando de Noronha

The year in Fernando de Noronha is divided into two seasons: the dry season (between August and February) and the rainy season (between March and July). It is worth mentioning that even in the rainy season the trip is valid, since what you will find are sunny days with spaced rains.
The annoying part of facing rain in Fernando de Noronha is that the streets are dirt, so the cars get stuck and the mud makes a general mess. Not to mention the water visibility, the rain stirs up the ocean floor and reduces considerably the chances of a good dive.

Ok, lets go directly to the point:

I set up 7 days in Fernando de Noronha

  • Day 1 | arrival on the island + visit to ICMBio / sunset at Porto Beach

Flights usually arrive in Noronha around noon or late afternoon, at 3pm. If your flight arrives around lunchtime, you will have time to check into the hotel calmly, visit the ICMBio (if you need to book some hike tour) and still watch the sunset at one of the island’s spots! By the way, I can already tell you that the sunsets in Noronha are not to be missed, huh?

  • Day 2: Island tour / must have dinner
    The Ilha Tour is the most complete tour in Noronha and practically all agencies offer the same package. Reserve a full day to visit the Sancho, Porcos, Cacimba do Padre, Sueste, and Leao Beaches. Besides the viewpoints of Morro Dois Irmãos and Buraco da Raquel. The day ends with the sunset at the Mirante do Boldró.
    Dinner at Xica da Silva (Alameda das Acácias, 11 – Floresta Nova) and you must try the most popular dish in Noronha since 2008. The mestizo fish comes with pesto sauce, pumpkin puree stuffed with shrimp and parmesan crust

  • Day 3: Sancho Bay + Remedios Fort

The beach, which has been voted the most beautiful in the world three times, has turquoise blue water. The coastal area that surrounds it makes the scenery even more surreal. To get to the beach, you have to go down two sailor’s ladders embedded in the rock, and a third one made of stone.  It is worth spending some time in the Bay, which is really beautiful. In months of calmer waters (usually from April to October), it is possible to see a lot of marine life just by snorkeling there.
tip: (remember to bring water and snacks, there is no structure on site)

To finish yur day, go to Remedios fort and enjoy an outstanding sunset view!


  • Dia 4: Sunrise at canoa havaiana + Snorkel no sueste
    Hawaiian Canoe:  How about getting up at the crack of dawn on one of the days? The Hawaiian canoe trip in Fernando de Noronha! It starts at around 5:30am. This is one of the most incredible experience! You should pick a guide that will explain you the region and right after sunrise, the dolphins showed up and hundreds of them were very close to our canoe. The tour lasts a little less than 3 hours and goes through the beaches of Cachorro, Meio and Conceição, where you can go down and snorkel a little – very likely to see dolphins and turtles!

    Snorkel: hire a guide to explain the native animals of the region.
    For sure you will see many turtles, lobster, rays, little fishes and even a shark.


  • Day 5: Atalaia + Natural Pools of Cachorro Beach

Very short trail, only 40 minutes long – please note that only 96 people can do this trail, and you have too book with the tourism office in advance.

When you finish the trail, you will arrive at the pool Atalaia, which is really surreal, it looks like an aquarium in enlarged size. In some areas you have to be very careful not to touch the ground and the corals. It is a contemplation activity.
There you will swimm with various marine animals and enjoy transparent waters!

  • Day 6: Abreu’s Cove + Dive at the Port

Abruzzo Cove Trail: start the day with the trail (also book in advance) and the view is spectacular!
After the trail, snorkel at the Porto beach. There are two large shipwrecks that are home to incredible marine life. You will find giant turtles, dolphins, giant rays and much more!


  • Day 7: Emerald Coast Trail

The last full day in Noronha I recommend hiking the Emerald Coast Trail. We started the trail at Conceição Beach, passed through Boldró Beach (from Conceição to Boldró is the most boring and long way, all on rocks), Americano Beach (which was completely empty), Bode Beach (where we had invigorating coconut water), Quixambinha, Cacimba do Padre and ended at Baía dos Porcos.rald Coastal Trail.
Take plenty of water, only do this path at low tide, because most of it is over rocks on the slopes, and wear tennis shoes. It is a very pleasant path and with beautiful scenery – it is easy to cover more than 3km with them.

End the trail at the Baía dos Porcos (Bay of Pigs), and enjoy the scenery of the Morro Dois Irmãos (Dois Irmãos Hill) and the turquoise waters.



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