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7 Types of Businesses that Need SEO

Who needs SEO? – The typical answer of any digital marketing agency would be EVERYONE! I will slightly disagree because SEO has to fulfill business goals. The main business goal that I solve for my clients is to increase website visibility and drive in sales.

Here is the list of businesses that, firstly, can generate sales from Google. Secondly, can easier enter Google page 1 and shine there for their clients.

1) E-commerce websites 

These websites can generate thousands and thousands of sales by simply ranking for their products they sell. The more local – the easier to rank. However, SEO is also a powerful tool to rank globally and collect all the traffic that exist on their websites.

2) Small businesses and startups.   

Do you target a small niche? Do you target a local market? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then SEO could be a good marketing solutions. A smaller niche and narrow location can help a small business to stand out from the competition and still give enough room to scale.

3) Niche companies. 

Big, small, local, global, national – doesn’t matter. If the company stands for a highly specialized functions, that means that the competition to enter TOP 10 is low. The opportunity to convert those who search for it in Google is high.

4) Maintenance professionals.  

If you are a maintenance professional or have a company that is providing maintenance service, that will often mean that your clients are always searching for solutions in Google. Because it might be an emergency – the likelihood of converting potential searches is higher.

5) Medical professionals. 
Medical professionals would often have a specific field of specialization. They operate locally. Most searchers are looking for a provider when they are experiencing symptoms of pain. This can be really beneficial for SEO.

6) Legal professionals. 
The situation is similar to medical professionals. They often have a specific field of specialization. They operate locally and in a lot of cases people are searching for a legal professional when they are experiencing some kind of issues and have questions about their specific situation. Of course, these searches can be easily targeted by SEO.

7) SaaS and online service companies 

These businesses need to have a massive visibility, so people can visit their website, make registration, try their services and sign up for paid and larger packages. So ranking in Google is especially crucial for these types of businesses.

P.S. Even if your competition to enter TOP 10 is low, please don’t forget to check the amount of traffic to ensure that there are enough searches in Google for your niche product or service. Just reach out to me on LinkedIn and I will calculate you the amount of traffic for your niche in your region for free.




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