Portugal – the place where Europe ends and the ocean starts



Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe, bordered on the west and south by the Atlantic Ocean and on the north and east – by Spain. Portugal is known for having lots of warm sunshine throughout the year and a soft winter that attracts millions of tourists every year.

This small country made a huge contribution to the discovery of the world. Portugal was the country that started what has come to be known as the Age of Discovery, expanding the knowledge of the world by navigating the seas in the mid-1400s. The Portuguese Expansion extended in the XVI century across continents with ports and trading routes as far west as Brazil, as far east as Japan and China, and along the coasts of Africa and India.

It is not only about history and ancient culture that Portugal amazes the tourists visiting the country. Portugal is also about sunny beaches, old architecture, varied landscapes, vineyards and great food. It is not by chance that Portugal won for four years in a row the title of ‘Europe’s Leading Destination’ at the 2020 World Travel Awards.

Where Europe mainland ends and the Atlantic Ocean starts, Portugal expands into the sea in two beautiful archipelagos – Madeira and Azores. Madeira is known as the pearl of the Atlantic with unique semi-tropical landscapes and warm weather and Azores – with its volcanic origins resembles a lot with the Landscape of New Zealand.

Everyone should come one day to Portugal! This country will surprise you every time you go there.


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My name is Elena Melnikova. I am studying MSc in Online Business and Marketing at HSLU Hochschule Luzern. In my blog I would like to take you in a journey to discover one of my favorite countries – Portugal. Maybe it will be your next travel destination.


  1. Sofia Demidenko
    demidenko sofia on

    Elena, Thank you for the post. I am dreaming of visiting Porto and Lisbon one day, two colourful cities with lots of attractions and amazing restaurants. I would love to read more about them, places of interests and maybe your personal recommendations!

    • Elena Melnikova
      Elena Melnikova on

      You will like these cities, Sofia 🙂 It is exactly what I noticed about Lisbon from my first visit – colours!

  2. Megan Ong

    Portugal is definitely in my bucket list! Elena I can’t wait to see your future updates about Portugal :))

  3. Pamela Sandoval
    Pamela Sandoval on

    Great post Elena! Never really thought about Portugal as one of my top destinations but after reading this, i might add it to my list!! Can’t wait to read the next one 🙂

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