How do foreign enterprises properly open the Chinese market


Hello everyone, welcome back to my Blog. Today, I will list 5 tips for enterprises outside China to smoothly enter into the Chinese market.



  1. Building the enterprise’s official public account and customer group on WeChat.

WeChat is the most popular online social tool with 1.1 billion users in China.


– low cost: Free account application.

Low promotion fee: To spread the brand and product based on previous Chinese customers network by building the customer communication chat group on WeChat.

– low risk: The product information can be released through the official public account on WeChat to predict the reaction of the product in the Chinese market.


– The right marketer: It’s hard to find a suitable marketer who is not only clear of the product and the culture of enterprises but also knows how to express the brand image and product with Chinese in the Chinese market.

2. Establishment of cross-border payment channels or platforms.

It’s a very important step to make sure your product can successfully sell. Most Chinese consumers are used to paying online.

3. Establishing safe and fast overseas product logistics and warehousing solutions.

Think about setting up one product storage location in China when the Chinese market size and income can cover this project. This is an item can deliver goods fast and safely.

4. Setting up official online stores on major online sales platforms in China.

The popular e-commerce platforms in China: Taobao(淘宝)/ Tianmao(天猫)/ Jingdong(京东)/                          Suningyigou(苏宁易购)/ Weipinhui (唯品会)/ Wangyikaola(网易考拉)

5.  Starting to do a localization strategy based on the feedback from the initial Chinese market strategy.

– Localization of enterprise name

– Product localization

– Localization of marketing manner (Don’t ignore the influence of we media platforms in the Chinese market)

I hope this article could bring you a new perspective on the topic of how to entrance the Chinese market and feel free to leave your question and opinion in the comment below.

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