Editing pictures, what does actually make sense?

“Outstanding photography is the depth of feeling, not the depth of sharpening,” Peter Adams.

If you know anything about Adobe Photoshop, then congratulations. Probably this blog is not for you, my majesty. However, most people have their accounts full of bad quality pictures with no sense, silly filters and tons of insecurities following them. Let’s make it clear together.



For myself, at the beginning of creating an Instagram profile, I was an ordinary user, who was jealous of any “perfect” picture. Since the time I was thinking “huh, am I the only one person who has no vacation 24/365, luxury life and perfect body/skin?”. But what was the sense? Now I can totally understand that there are no perfect pictures at all. Influencers/bloggers/whoever are trying to make us believe that somewhere on this planet there’s a perfect life. There’s not.

I can identify several phases of accepting this fact in the case of pic editing. First, you’re trying to become more self-confident. Yeah, I would say that it’s not the best way to improve your self-confidence. Anyway, it’s one of the options. Second, when you accept the fact that you’re not perfect at all, then you’re going to create just a good picture from the beginning. Third, you’ve already accepted everything, got the fact that any person just an ordinary one as you, but some of them just know how to use VSCO. Fourth, (honestly, my favorite) you are an independent and confident user, who knows how to create content and be “proud” of yourself, without creating a perfect picture.

Where’s the sense of my blog?

I’m here to teach you how, when and where to create beautiful pictures of yourself/friends/family/your dog/ whatever you want to. We are not going to create perfection, but feel the difference between perfectly faked pictures and learn some tools of mobile editing, like Lightroom, VSCO, Facetune, etc.



Master student, photographer, observer, dreamer. Anyone who can teach people how to notice little things which make a bigger picture.

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