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Would you rather vacation at the beach or in the mountains, to a major city or to a remote location, in a luxurious resort or a small family-owned hotel? Would you rather book a hotel with a relaxing spa or a mouthwatering breakfast offering, with a shiny parquet or a carpet floor, with a breathtaking view or in the middle of the action? Would you rather rely on the price or positive reviews, a good cancellation policy or extra points for your loyalty scheme?

These are all questions you should definitely answer before applying the tips coming up in the following weeks. Moreover, it’s not only about answering these questions, but also about setting priorities. What is your personal trade off? What characteristics should define a hotel and which attributes do you prefer? Give it a try by using the template below to define your own priorities.

Once defined and set your own preference list, it is time for the first hint. Maps – an amazing tool to explore this world. Stay tuned though, the next blogpost is only a week away.


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Hi, I’m Carina and have a true passion for exploring and experiencing new countries, cultures, people and food. Although I trust in spontaneity and fully agree that sometimes the best moments are the ones you didn’t plan at all, I also like to find the “best” hotel for me at the lowest price. Over the years I have learned and gathered some great experiences and tips on how to become better than any travel agency. Stay tuned for many tips on how YOU can find YOUR dream hotel!


  1. Sofia Demidenko
    demidenko sofia on

    Thank you for the tip! However, sometimes it is hard to choose one (for example between nice spa and outstanding food).. Both would be great :))

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