Culture Geek Conference 2021, day 3

Some interesting insights on financial aspects of digital content came from Francesca die Nuzzo from Baker Richards: Art lovers are willing to pay more because they tend to have higher incomes. The willingness to pay also depends on day and time and different audiences have a different willingness to pay. Psychologically it is helpful to give different price options as… Continue Reading

Culture Geek Conference 2021, day 2

Flores Mexicana at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) A VR Tour through an exhibition of mainly paintings and sculptures with audio and video interviews. Brilliant art but without VR glasses the navigation feels a bit clumsy and not many people have an Oculus at home. One is wondering whether it wouldn’t have been better to allow for 2D navigation… Continue Reading

Culturegeek Conference 2021, day 1

Wildrumpus is an organisation that brings together art, culture and the environment in event such as the Timberfestival: Wild Rumpus CIC is a social enterprise producing large scale outdoor arts events, most often in wild natural landscapes. We believe that when audiences engage together in the highest quality arts in the great outdoors, something quite amazing can happen. During the… Continue Reading

Chatbots – Artificial Intelligence in the Museum

In my article about the MuseumNext Tech event in Berlin last autumn, I was also writing about a chatbot project at four House Museums in Milan. The Museum and the Web Newsletter has now linked to various articles around the topic of how chatbots are used in museums:  Chatbots in Museums: Hype or Opportunity? How Museums Are Using Chatbots Robots… Continue Reading

Do we still need to talk about digitizing the museum?

Switzerland normally isn’t exactly cutting edge when it comes to cultural trends. However this isn’t only for the bad. It seems that Switzerland so far has withstood the trend of severe austerity measures in the arts & culture secture that countries like Denmark (-2% per year!), the Netherlands and the U.K. have seen over the recent years. The Plateforme 10… Continue Reading

MuseumTech at the Jewish Museum Berlin, 30 Nov 2017

This very focussed one-day event by the organizers of MuseumNext was called MuseumTech but it was actually much more than the geeky tech event one might have expected. In a time when the digital becomes ever more ubiquitous, for museums, questions about technology become intertwined with strategic aims, topics such as outreach and accessibility as well as with the ultimate… Continue Reading

Joseph Beuys meets Harry Potter and Crumpy Cat

Any links between the fictional character Harry Potter and the charismatic German artist Joseph Beuys seem extremely farfetched if not for Schloss Moyland with its neo-gothic facade. It hosts the biggest collection of the work of Beuys but could easily be mistaken as Hogwarts, where the young student of wizardry (Harry Potter, not Beuys) had to survive quite a few… Continue Reading

MuseumNext Conference 2015 in Geneva/Switzerland (19.–21. of April)

Probably the most important European conference on future developments in the museum sector: „The 2015 edition of MuseumNext will take place in the Swiss city of Geneva between 19 – 21 April 2015. MuseumNext Geneva will serve as a platform to discuss what’s next for all aspects of the museum, including architecture, exhibitions, technology, skills, collections, conservation, purpose and leadership. The event… Continue Reading