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Design Research: Great Value for Organizations?

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Global events and developments challenge both private and public organizations to rethink the ways they are going about their ‘business’ to achieve their objectives, fulfil their mandates and succeed in a dramatically changing environment. Increasingly, sustainable success is discussed as a consequence of an organisation’s internal design capabilities.

But what does this mean? What counts as design capability? Where within an organization do design capabilities ‘live’, where should they be developed and located? What is needed and who is needed to develop advanced design capabilities that serve organizations in the pursuit of their vision and in the fulfilment of their purpose? What examples can we look to and learn from in Switzerland and internationally?

This symposium connect researchers, private entrepreneurs, designer and manager in public organisations to generate answers to these questions but also to shed light on the intersection of design research, design theory and design practice in the organisational context.

How can managers in organisations and design professionals benefit from state-of-the-art design research and new design methods? What roles can design research assume and what tasks can design research address as part of a future-oriented organization?

This symposium is organised by the Competence Center Design & Management at the Lucerne University – Design and Art. The event is part of the 140 Year Anniversary Celebrations which take place throughout 2017. This makes the Lucerne University – Design and Art the oldest school of industrial arts within the German-speaking region of Switzerland. Today, it is also an established research institute with international research projects and exchanges.