Partners and sponsors

Research and education go hand in hand: Our conference is supported by two of our key programs: BA Design Management International (DMI) and by the Master of Arts in Design

Whatever your intensions – it will feel good: We take technical possibilities to their limits by combining the best from very different areas in order to arrive at the new. In the search for new ideas, we create room for fresh thinking. Your technical challenges are our personal passion – challenge us!

Ideas advance technological development. Together, we create innovation.

One world of employment and work for all. That is what we stand for and work towards. For every case, for every situation. We help people to become independent, happy and confident through work and employment. Trust guides all our actions. Clarity and mindfulness sharpen our vision. Holistically.  That is how we view life.

We are grateful that IG Arbeit supports our event with furniture from the  Luzerner Brockenhaus von IG Arbeit. 

We help organisations and businesses to take full advantage of the potential design presents as a factor for success factors and as a generator of value.

Swiss Design Transfer demonstrates the advantages of design and design management but does not offer design services itself. Instead, the organisation examines how and what design or design management can contribute to achieve organisational objectives.

We are a non-profit Organisation and part of a network of public and private partners.

die HSLU ist ein Mitglied von

The Swiss Design Network is the Swiss competence network of design research, established in 2003. Parallel to SARN and SAEN, it networks researchers from the Swiss Universities of Design and Art.
Since it was founded, the Swiss Design Network has been promoting and fostering the development, quality and constant improvement of design research in the Swiss Universities of Design and Art.
To this day, the SDN has organized eight internationally renowned symposia and published their proceedings. It offers its direct support to research projects, participating in the research debate on an national and international level.