Culture Geek Conference 2021, day 2

Flores Mexicana at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA)
A VR Tour through an exhibition of mainly paintings and sculptures with audio and video interviews. Brilliant art but without VR glasses the navigation feels a bit clumsy and not many people have an Oculus at home. One is wondering whether it wouldn’t have been better to allow for 2D navigation and zoom-ins into the art work.
Some digital curators of international standing discussing the meaning and importance of reach:
Reach is not only the raw number of people getting in contact with your digital offer, it is also about accessibility in general as well as the depth of engagement and the effect the outreach has. However outreach in itself is only a one-way-street. It is even more important to understand eachother, to connect and develop content together with the audience. Another question to ask is how interpretative content can develop a life outside the museum spaace.

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