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Workshop @Applied Machine Learning Days 2020

organized by Tobias Mérinat und Halldór Janetzko


Information visualizations are typically used for explorative analyses or result presentations. In both cases, communicating information visually in an appealing and concise manner is often a challenging task, and also one that Engineers and Data Scientists repeatedly struggle with.

However, with some background knowledge on information visualization and a set of guidelines, principles and rules, the task can turn from being difficult and dreadful to interesting and fun.

You will get the theoretical background on what makes up good visualizations, see lots of examples, both of the good and the bad kind, and build our own interactive visualizations of real-world data with the Processing language.

If you always struggle a bit with visually presenting your findings in a meaningful way, highlighting the important parts and leaving out the rest, then this workshop is for you.


Participants will know what makes up a good visualization and which visualization methods suits which data type. They will have built their own interactive visualizations with Processing and have gotten a glimpse into the world of visualization with Python.

Summary visualization courtesy of participant Tereza Iofciu