Premiere of experimental video essay at Videoex

Johannes Binotto’s experimental video essay METALEPTIC ATTACK will have its premiere in the Swiss Competition at the Experimental Film & Video Festival Videoex from 1 – 10 October

The description of the video:

Remake a film by destroying it – making it even more frightening than it ever dared to be, by letting the film attack my own viewing and editing machines. And vice versa. When Alfred Hitchcock for his 1963 film The Birds instead of natural audio used electronic sounds created by German composer Oskar Sala, he did so because of the ability of these disturbing sound objects «to vibrate on more than just one level». The electronic sound of the birds not only oversteps the boundary between living being and machine, but also between the content and form, as if the shrieking sounds of the birds not only attack the characters within the film but the film itself.