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8 8 Alternative Investment Options You Should Consider for 2020

When you mention “alternative investments” to people, the first thing that comes in mind is something unusual or unordinary such as wine, cars, cigars or other collectibles, however, it comes as a surprise to most people that alternative investments also contain more traditional or common investments such as real estate, venture capitals or even private

0 Who Dares Ask Shall Receive Help

Hello OBM! The memories of Quarten are fading and the exam phase has arrived. We have received the brief for the presentation and the kind hint that we will be questioned regarding a potential future of our ideas. If the thought of continuing the project makes you feel dizzy, this is for you. Even if

0 Thrive 5×5

There still are a few poems in the pipeline. I collected them whilst I was upgrading on the audio. With this one, I want you to become active. Can you figure out what ‘5×5’ stands for? Let me know in the comment section below. Enjoy!   Sometimes you have to Dive down and not be

2 Quick Shout True

I’m happy to share another one of my poems. Enjoy! You can find the original post here, and the audio on Soundcloud – click below! It takes quite some courage To be passionate, present To pursue that creative To stick to that dream I got something to say Will shout trough your ignorance. It won’t

0 Audioblog – my New Old Blog Post!

Hi there! I’m happy to share my latest experiment. Who reads long blog posts anymore? Plenty of people do, plenty don’t. I want to serve both of you! That’s why I will henceforth make all written content available on audio as well. I am happy to share this very first audioblog for my latest post

0 Feed the Black Box to Create Opportunities

  This is the story of how I got to join the ‘Dream Team’ of the World Innovations Forum. It’s also an explanation of what I learned from a few years of struggling to find what I call ‘touch with reality’. The insights I gained lead me to the concept of ‘the black box’ –

2 Group Supervision – get Your Seat now!

It has been a while since the seminar in Quarten. Did you notice how the enthusiasm alone did not write those blog posts? I vouched in the very beginning to offer my help and some of you have taken me up on that offer. Now that it is time to think about how this project

0 Storytime: Tom Conquers the Ladder

Do you know that feeling when your body cramps up and you just really do not want to go on, even though it is the only way out? Of course you do – fear. You would be scared of a zombie coming your way, trying to grab you the way zombies do, wouldn’t you? You

0 The Pre-Entrepreneur #Pilot

Introducing your podcast? You may think: “been there, done that.” I don’t. Been there, doing it again! Enjoy the pilot episode of the Pre-Entrepreneur podcast (for the second time). This time, it’s going public, though.        

1 Make Your Idea Happen

We are masters of lying to ourselves when it comes to making our dreams happen. Most everybody has an aspiration or an idea that is not directly tangent to the professional path they chose. How often do we make them happen? Even the ones we could easily accomplish? We classically fail even at going for

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