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10 Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is more than clothing it is a lifestyle for some, exclusively me, as an author of this blog. Although, clothing assists with expression of personality and individuality; means of social communication; cultural meaning; economic status and of course enhancement of the person. Upon a wide variation of restraints, clothing has a long history of

14 Top Street Styles from Micro-Fashion Influencers

Scrolling your Instagram feed you perhaps noticed that accounts with millions followers are getting less engagement than thousands of micro- influencers who are making a substantial effect on their niche. Since you have heard a lot about them on my blogs, I have seen that those bloggers are appreciated by their audiences and people get

8 The newest social hack – Instagram Pods

In my previous blog post I was talking about Errors- in our case bots, so in this post I am going to introduce you to the newest Instagram hack entitled as Pods. And, we have already seen that building organic followers is not that easy as you can imagine, unless you are a celebrity. To

10 Instagram Errors- Fake Engagement

As I always mention on my blog posts that today “influencers” on social media are closer to celebrities or starts of reality shows, they have become tremendously admired and inspired from their audience. The fashion industry has thrived like no other B2C industry on Instagram and has created unequalled opportunities for brands and the audience

18 Surgical Masks vs Branded Masks – new accessory in 2020

Due to the situation Worldwide, people are looking for activities to do at home and ways to learn new thing. On the lockdown, most of the population are active on social media as social distancing measures occurred. Same for the fashion industry community as for any other as well. Nowadays, fashionistas and others while staying

5 FIDM Weekend Special part 1

Welcome back, I have talked to Ben last time whom I have met on my exchange semester at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), as it was such a crazy and amazing time of my study abroad journey it seemed right to reach out and talk to some of the staff there to

8 The impact of COVID-19 to the fashion industry

The biggest shifts in fashion have historically not come from runway trends but followed events such as wars that disrupt society on a huge scale, states a journalist Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell. Being a fashion historian and an author of a book on fashion’s role and personalities from the era of 18th Century, just before the French Revolution

8 Interview with an exchange connoisseur

Welcome back, Today I am very excited to introduce you to my new guest, a true study abroad connoisseur from Mexico. He has studied in 5 schools on 3 continents over the past years so there is a lot to talk about in this episode, hope you will enjoy it! Let me introduce you to my

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