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0 Ultimate Guide to Colour: from A to Z

Top 6 Tips for selecting the right colours Utilise the colour wheel as a foundation for the proper colour selection Approach your design project with a colour scheme that favours harmony Focus on the context and emotions as the heart of the colour selection process Take advantage to employ contrast to improve the legibility of

1 How to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home – Interview with a psychologist

As I promised on my previous article regarding 4 Online Meeting Tools You Didn’t Know About , I am back to talk about how to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home. In order to provide trustworthy advices, I interviewed a psychologist. Chiorean Liviu Octavian – Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Sports Psychologist

0 Photoshop goes Neural: Top 4 AI-based Filters

As we all know, a marketing professional is faced with creative-related tasks nearly every day. Photography is one of the most essential components of any brand. When developing a personal or company brand, the marketing professional needs to have the skills to edit and create photographs to be able to use them in social media

17 Finding a Job with Limited German Skills

Being new to a country, be it for work, studies or both, is always an adventure. In Switzerland, one of the biggest adventures for a lot of foreigners is learning German. So first thing to do before looking for a job: Start learning German. Believe me: You will need it. Unless you have two engineering degrees


  The VR social website ( offers unique, extensive and diverse characters to choose from. Adding more characters it is rapidly expanding with more options than ever for users to choose avatars from. In the past, creating a virtual character would mean you would need to design your own 3D model, rigging it and importing

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