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Hey everyone! My name is Pavlina and I am a master's student of business administration but foremost an equestrian by heart and soul, showjumper and by this year also a horse breeder, as my long-time sports partner is expecting a foal by the end of this April. And even though I have been in the horse world for some time already, I was surprised by the amount of information that was new for me or what I had to do. Lucky for you, I will sum up some of the information on this blog!

0 Next Gen series- From day 1 to day 40 of foals life

Enjoy a bit of educational revision while watching our personal journey! Want to know more of what was mentioned in the video? Go and have a look at the previous posts! 1. You want that foal halter, don’t you? Part 1 2. You want that foal halter, don’t you? Part 2 3. Foal Kit + Instagram! 4. Foal birth+

0 NextGen series-long distance equine management?

  Well, I hope I just got your attention with the video and you enjoyed my journey from Switzerland’s apartment to the stables in the Czech Republic. People tend to ask me if I don´t miss my horses- I certainly do. The second usual question is, however, related more to the management of these animals

0 NextGen series- First foals turnout

  >>VIDEO BELOW<< One cannot discuss, whether a movement overall is good for a horse- it is. However, with a newborn foal, there might be circumstances, telling us, whether and to what extent we should start letting the foal to turnout. Some mares might be ready to go out immediately, for example when used for

0 NextGen series- Foal birth+ FOAL REVEAL

Welcome back for the next article! There is so much to watch out for during the last days before the birth and in the first 24 hours after the birth. I hope you will appreciate this exhausting summary of the most important actions and observations every breeder must watch out, for in order to proceed

0 NextGen series- Foal Kit + Instagram!

FOAL KIT  .. you would rather have one to be ready as much as possible. Whether you prefer to assist at the birth or rather not, having a foal kit seems to be already a must more than recommendation. After 11 months of waiting, you don’t really wanna find yourself in a situation on the