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Elzine Mushambi

Hi, I’m Elzine, a social impact professional living in Switzerland and focused on Africa. I’m passionate about solving real issues for disadvantaged communities in areas like food security, green economy and human capital capacity building. I do this by working with Impact Tank a social impact venture builder I founded. Follow this blog to learn more about social impact, venture building and how each of us can change the lives of many.

0 A Global Guide to the Most Innovative Social Impact Ventures

Despite only recently gaining traction as a viable alternative means to reach impact, Social Impact Venture Builders around the world have started to find success in their efforts to build, launch and scale ventures that promise to solve massive problems that affect the world. Here, I would like to highlight some of the issues being

0 Social Impact Venture Building Vs. Impact Investing

In recent years, Social Impact Venture Building and Impact Investing have begun to draw increased interest from both the general public and professionals. However, given both are relatively new entrants into an already rich, diverse and complicated landscape, and both have the word “Impact” in their respective names, often they are confused with each other.

2 Grassroots Impact: Why Social Impact Venture Building works

Grassroots impact is the underlying motivation for Social Impact Venture Building. For all the models, presentations, frameworks and methods that we use, the goal is to uplift and empower communities. It is this grassroots focus that fuels the work and is fundamentally why Social Impact Venture Building promises so much success. In this week’s blog

3 How to Fund Your Social Venture

Funding! Funding! Funding! The time has come for lift off. So you have started your social venture, proved the concept, told friends and family about it and now it’s ready to go to market. The biggest thing you need now is funding – the ever-elusive element that all businesses need to kick off. In all

2 5 Ways Social Impact Venture Building Can Change the World

Changing the world seems like an overwhelming task but new ways of approaching this are becoming more successful and gaining traction. Social Impact venture building is a relatively new approach on how to tackle the most difficult problems that people face in their daily lives, such as unemployment, food security and the impact of pollution.