Author Tatiana Moiseeva

Have you ever wondered how to make money on social media, but don't want to become a blogger yourself? Then the profession of Influencer Manager may be just what you are looking for. My name is Tatiana Moiseeva, I am a student at the Lucerne School of Business in the department of online business and marketing. I have been working in Influencer marketing since 2014 and now I work as a manager of influencers in perfumes and cosmetics. In my articles I will talk about the profession of influencer manager.

0 How to analyse Influencers and their advertising. Some practical tips on how to get effective advertising and not waste money.

When compared to other methods of advertising, such as outdoor advertising, TV and radio, context, or targeting, influencers are seen to have higher credibility with their target audience. Traditionally, a person is more inclined to believe a blogger’s evaluation than a nice booklet from a brand. Our goal is to find influencers that have a

2 Which social networks are suitable for advertising with Influencers? Advantages and disadvantages of different platforms, using perfume advertising as an example.

Influencer marketing is increasingly used to promote businesses and products. It offers not only sales growth but also higher brand awareness. Influencers can also have a significant impact on a company’s reputation. Thus, promotion in social networks is very important for the development of any business. My name is Tanya and I’ve shared my experience