Author Erion Likaj

My name is Erion Likaj and I am a student of Hochschule Luzern in the Online Business and Marketing department. I have been a gamer fanatic throughout my entire life so my goal is to help new startups in the gaming industry to raise awareness through advertising and to be able to exploit the market as much as possible.

0 5 Tips on Making Your First Game

After looking at platforms where you can find your potential gaming community for your upcoming game, we move on to some tips of how to develop a game successfully. There are many mistakes new developers can make at the beginning of their developing careers that might even ruin their dreams of creating games in the

0 How to Advertise in Gaming? – Starter Guide

The evolvement of Gaming Industry Before starting to look at advertising in gaming, it is important to firstly talk about how gaming trends have shifted throughout the years. Gaming industry has reached around 50 years since its first launch. Evolvement of gaming can be divided into three categories; 1. Arcade Era (1970-1983), 2. Console Era