Author Désirée Klarer

Hello there! I am Désirée Klarer, journalist by profession and recruiter by passion. Being surrounded by people from different countries with various professional backgrounds, it has always been my pleasure to help them finding the right career path in Switzerland. May it be a job where you don't need German that simply pays your bills while you study or finding your dream-job - I am happy to help.

2 Cross-Cultural Work Environment in Swiss Companies

As wished by one of my readers of my first blog post, for once I will steer away from the overall topic of this blog, job hunting in Switzerland, and dedicate this post to cultural diversity and inclusion in the work place in Switzerland. We all  grew up in a certain culture. Bringing them all  together

2 7 Tips for Your Salary Negotiation in Switzerland

Let’s start with a fact today: The Swiss don’t talk about money. So salary negotiation is one of the very few chances for you to openly talk about money in Switzerland. So take advantage of it! Here are 7 Tips for Your Salary Negotiation to Become a Success. Disclaimer: The following tips are no cure-all, but

4 Prepare Yourself for Your Job Interview in Switzerland

In Switzerland, a foreigner needs to write about 30 percent more applications than a Swiss to land a job interview, a recently published study by the Swiss National Science Foundation shows. So foreigners get to read the sentence “We are sorry to inform you that…” – way more often. This can be demotivating, yes, but is it also a good reason to

7 Get Your CV Ready for the Swiss Job Market

“I am very passionate about a full fridge” is what a friend of mine once said with a cynical tone, when I asked her how the job interview she just had had went. It was the answer she wanted to give the HR lady that had asked her about the reasons why she wanted to

13 Your LinkedIn-Profile From the Perspective of a Recruiter

LinkedIn nowadays plays an important part in job hunting, even in little Switzerland. According to the user statistics of the Swiss Web Agency Comvasion, 2.9 million people in Switzerland have an account on LinkedIn. This means: Almost every third resident has at least opened a profile on the platform – just to then abandon it

21 Why Networking in Switzerland is Important

Did you know that the friend of a friend of your friend can influence your weight? Me neither, but the researchers Nickolas A. Christakis and James Fowler did a study on how social connections shape our lives, published in the Journal of Cognition and Culture. The impact third-degree relationships on weight have and how strong