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Hi! I'm Eszter, I grew up in Hungary but have been studying abroad since I finished high school. Earned my BA in the middle of nowhere in Denmark, spent a few months on exchange in Los Angeles and now I am pursuing my master's in Switzerland. A wild ride I must say, but wouldn't trade it for anything, learn more about studying abroad from my blog posts.

0 Study Abroad Show – Season Finale

Welcome to the Season Finale of the Study Abroad Show, Thank you all for reading during the last couple of weeks, for the last episode I have put together a little behind the scenes video of all the interviews I did for the show. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a video call with everyone and also

0 Beni’s return from studying abroad

Welcome back, Remember the introduction episode when I said, “When a friend asked me on the metro if I would be interested in moving to Denmark for uni, I got excited right away.” well today I am going to talk to that friend. Let me introduce you to today’s guest, Beni, his story is another exceptional

3 Dev’s journey from India to Dubai through LA

Welcome back, Continuing the FIDM route after three episodes I am talking to a very special person in today’s episode, hope you will like it. Let me introduce you to my next guest Devyani, she is a beautiful soul, incredibly talented and most importantly a big foodie. We have met during our time at FIDM,

4 FIDM Weekend Special part 2

Welcome back, To continue our weekend special in this second episode I am talking to one of the most important people in an international student’s life at FIDM. If you haven’t read the first part of this weekend special yet where I talked to Sarah Repetto the International Affairs Director at FIDM go ahead and

5 FIDM Weekend Special part 1

Welcome back, I have talked to Ben last time whom I have met on my exchange semester at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), as it was such a crazy and amazing time of my study abroad journey it seemed right to reach out and talk to some of the staff there to

8 Interview with an exchange connoisseur

Welcome back, Today I am very excited to introduce you to my new guest, a true study abroad connoisseur from Mexico. He has studied in 5 schools on 3 continents over the past years so there is a lot to talk about in this episode, hope you will enjoy it! Let me introduce you to my

7 Zsófi’s journey through Scotland to Canada

A conversation with Zsófi   Welcome back, I was happy to see the supporting comments on my previous post, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, you can find the first Readers’ Mail after the interview, hope you will like it! As promised, today we are all here to continue the show