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Diego Beck

I am a digital marketing manager and web project manager with a strong affinity for technology and passion for the topic of millennials in the workplace. My goal is to strengthen the mutual understanding between team leaders and millennials in order to increase team collaboration and efficiency.

0 How to Create a Work Environment for Millennials

If you don’t believe that Millennials will extremely affect the work environment, you’ve been living under a rock the past few years. I’ve heard now several times that within the next 5 to 10 years they will set to make up almost 75% of the working force. Consequently, today’s managers and team leaders must address

0 The Millennial Dress Code – Everyday is Casual Day

After my Bachelor’s degree I started my professional career on the agency side, where I would stay for the coming years. I immediately liked the casual atmosphere, the relaxed interaction with each other and the flat hierarchies. But the one of the things I liked the most, however, was the very casual dress code. Suits

0 Millennials want more than just a paycheck!

  Since my mother, my father and meanwhile also my older sister are all self-employed, I already knew early what it means to work hard and to take responsibility. When my high school colleagues enjoyed the beautiful weather during the summer holidays, I decided to do some student jobs instead in order to earn a

1 Millennials in the Working Place

Last week I started my blog series, where I want to give some inputs on how managers and leaders should work together with Millennials. With my first blog post Smartphones – the new addiction of the 21st century? I wanted to highlight how Millennials take technology for granted, use it in an intuitive way but

0 Smartphones – the new addiction of the 21st century?

Smartphones are a big part of our daily lives. A small mini-computer that we can carry around in our trouser pockets and do just about anything with it – at anytime and anywhere. Texting, browsing the web, online shopping or checking our bank account. Most of the people say that this is the pure freedom