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Working student, MSc in Online Business and Marketing. Curious about sustainable business models in the fashion industry.

4 Interview with Fashion Revolution Switzerland

In an interview with Susanne Rudolf, a member of the secretariat of Fashion Revolution Switzerland, I had the opportunity to obtain an expert opinion on sustainability in the fashion industry. Find out in the interview below what she says about the potential of second-hand fashion and what it takes to achieve more sustainability in the

8 How to sell your clothes online – Part II

Reselling unused clothes is a good way to reduce textile waste. Nowadays, you can do this easily online and from the comfort of your own home. Find out what is important when selling used clothing online. Do you have clothes that you no longer need and want to sell them? Check out my last week’s

7 How to sell your clothes online – Part I

There are many platforms to sell your clothes online. Find out how it works and which platform suits you best. Last week’s blog post was about selling clothes at a flea market or in second-hand shops. Maybe you wondered if this is also possible online? Yes, it is! And that is what this week’s blog

6 Give your dress a second life!

Clothes often do not end up where we expect them to. Handing clothes over to second-hand shops or selling them at a flea market are good ways to reduce textile waste. Consider a few points and you are ready to give your clothes a new life. Since the coronavirus forces us to stay at home,

12 Where to buy second-hand fashion?

This blog post lists a selection of second-hand shops in Switzerland. The Corona lockdown should not stop you from buying second-hand fashion. Therefore, the list below also includes some great online shops. Last week I wrote about second-hand fashion, my favorite way of sustainable shopping. I hope I could convince you a little bit how

22 Second-hand fashion is a growing trend

The sale of second-hand fashion is an emerging business. It is also a sustainable way to buy clothes, as it helps to reduce pollution by giving clothes a second life instead of dumping them in a landfill. Hey and welcome back to my blog! For a few weeks now, I have written about different types

2 Get your clothes recycled!

By donating clothes to recycling projects, textile waste can be reduced to protect the planet. Innovative projects are running to support both business and the environment. In my last blog post, I wrote about sustainable fashion brands. Many of them use creative techniques to contribute to environmental protection. With this week’s blog post, I want

2 Why Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainability comes in different forms. Especially in the fashion industry, sustainability is becoming increasingly essential and offers interesting business opportunities. Yes – everyone talks about sustainability! Is it just a passing trend or does sustainability live up to its name? I am not going to tell you why sustainable products are so important. I am