Dimensions of Animation

The Conference DIMENSIONS OF ANIMATION takes place in several form(at)s:

We celebrate 20 Years of Animation in Lucerne and accompany the Conference with a big party on Friday night. During the conference days an exhibition will be on display and film screenings shown in our own cinema. A Master Class with Ed Atkins is open for a limited number of participants on Thursday.

Live-Stream of the Conference: https://qfvroh8n.sites.upstream-cloud.ch/ 



Thursday, November 10th 2022

09:30 Master Class Ed Atkins
17:00 Foyer Conference Registration
17:30 Aktionshalle Welcome by Jacqueline Holzer, Direktorin Departement Design & Kunst
Introduction by the Conference Team
18:00 Aktionshalle Opening Keynote Presentation
Chris Pallant
»Rulers of the Unruly: Exploring the subject of Animated Landscapes through the work of Smallfilms«
Hosted by Jürgen Hagler
19:00 Aktionshalle Panel 1: Dimensions of Classical Animation
Andrea Polywka
»Disney Openings«
Alexandra Novacov
»Architecture of Death – Uncanny Spatial Explorations in BoJack Horseman«
Hosted by Erwin Feyersinger
20:00 Foyer Vernissage with Apéro riche
20:45 REX Film Screenings
20:45 Ed Atkins »Rigid Bodies«
21:45 20 Years of Animation Luzern
22:45 Ars Electronica Festival on Tour – Electronic Theater 2022


Friday, November 11th 2022

9:00 Foyer Registration
9:15 Aktionshalle Panel 2: Emerging Animation Researchers
Emanuel Buholzer
»Open Source Motion-Control für Stop-Motion«
Julian Salhofer
»Spatial audio for interactive applications as a control element for animations«
Simon Hochleitner, Florian Fiebiger, Sebastian Moritz
»Digital Sensing«
Sabine Burchard
»Observations concerning Animation for Live Events«
Simon de Diesbach
»Representations of nature in animation; technology used as a mean to convey political and poetic content«
Hosted by Franziska Bruckner
10:30 Aktionshalle Coffee Break
10:45 Aktionshalle Panel 3: Theater and Public Space
Lana Tankosa-Nikolic, Jakob Borrits Sabra
»At the cross road of research, innovation, culture and business«
Juergen Hagler
»Meaningful Choices in a hybrid stage play – a discussion of opportunities«
Erwin Feyersinger
»Projections and Screens as Animation of Public Spaces«
Hosted by Tina Ohnmacht
12:15 Nylon 7 Lunch Break
13:15 Aktionshalle Keynote Presentation
Peggy Schoenegge
»Animation in Art«
Hosted by Kathi Kaeppel
14:15 Aktionshalle Coffee Break
14:30 Aktionshalle Panel 4: Spatiality, Reality, Virtuality
Andres Montenegro, Audrey Ushenko
»Using 2D and 3D interactive animations as an expanded narrative to render the pictorial and virtual simulation of Andrea Mantegna’s fresco The Wedding Chamber through a mixed reality environment installation«
Reinhold Bidner
»Storycase -Telling stories with objects and augmented reality«
Franziska Bruckner
»Spatiality of Cut-Out Animation in Virtual Environments«
Hosted by Isa Pasqualini
16:00 Aktionshalle Coffee Break
16:30 Aktionshalle Panel 5: Animation Takes Space
Online-Presentation: Hannes Rall, Emma Harper
»Spatial Iterations: An animated Fulldome Adaptation of The Merchant of Venice«
François Chalet
»Expanded Animation – goes educational«
Frank Geßner
»Fin Garden’s Pipes: Artistic research lecture performance«
Hosted by Maike Reinert
18:00 Aktionshalle Coffee Break
18:30 Aktionshalle Keynote Presentation
Ed Atkins
Hosted by Fred Truniger
19:30 Room 019 Animation-Performance
Arianna de Angelis Effrem
»La risata cangiante«
20:00 Foyer Dinner
21:00 Room 019 Party: 20 Years Animation in Lucerne
Concert Cosmic Space Girl
21:45 Room 019 DJ VJ Party with Spin Alonga, AKUAKU, Teichprojektion & Midnight 8 Bit Special Guest
23:00 Room 019 Dance Battle 12 Rules of Animation
Hosted by Jane Mumford


Saturday, November 12th 2022

9:15 Room 179 Network Meeting (Institutions)
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10:45 Aktionshalle Coffee Break
11:00 Aktionshalle Keynote Presentation
Erika Balsom
»Bad Animation: The Computer-Generated Image in Contemporary Art«
Hosted by Jürgen Buchinger and Tamara Zumbühl
12:00 Foyer Lunch Break
13:00 Aktionshalle Panel 6: Hybrid Space
Aline Helmcke
»Intervention through Drawing: Experimental Drawn Animation and the Cinematic Space«
Online-Presentation: Anastasiia Gushchina
»Animating Real Space: Material-Based Animated Documentary and Its Relationship to History«
Hosted by Andrea Polywka
14:00 Aktionshalle Panel 7: Outer Space
Martina Fröschl
»Computer-animated scientific visualizations as a door to experience dimensions«
Marco Bellano
»Wishing stars. The multiple space aesthetics of the animated night sky«
Jana Rogoff
»Animating the Space Travel during Cold War and beyond«
Hosted by Reinhold Bidner
15:30 Aktionshalle Conference Closing



Since 2002 the Animation Department at the Lucerne School of Art & Design has produced a large number of successful graduates, who have gone on to achieve great success worldwide, from artistic short films to the industry in the field of VFX. The brand Animation Luzern enjoys an excellent international reputation as the only public training centre for animation film in Switzerland. We celebrate the 20th anniversary with a party and a film programme to thank our graduates, lecturers and supporters.



From November 10 – 18 an exhibition about the DIMENSIONS OF ANIMATION will be on view. A Dance performance, VR-installations, a large image sequence in space and a projection mapping present different approaches to the topic:

Jürgen Buchinger
VRinMotion – ExperiMotion 1: Max Hattler, Sune Petersen, Christoph Schmid; Franziska Bruckner, Clemens Gürtler, Matthias Husinsky, Mario Zeller, Arian Jalaeefar, Christian Munk, Julian Salhofer, Peter Schoiswohl; Ramon Brullo, Patrick Horvath
Emanuel Buholzer
François Chalet & Sabine Bouchard, Pinowan Poli, Kilian Feusi, Danay Gijzen, Leslie Herzig, Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi, Sound Mix Thomas Gassmann
Jochen Ehmann & Jeroen Visser
Kathi Kaeppel
Dominik Rüegg
Robert Seidel