Dear all

The “Three Canvas Model” has been presented and discussed in a workshop during the Productmanagementfestival 2013 in Zürich and the Science to Business Marketing Conference 2014 in Winterthur. Three canvases are derived in parallel: The canvas for the business model is based on the business model canvas from Alexander Osterwalder. The second canvas focuses on the user and the third on the product vision. The first findings of the workshop have been incorporated in the two canvases.

Please use the canvases and share your experiences with me/the community that I can update and improve the tools.

In 2014 we have begun to use the Lean Canvas model for our entrepreneurship modules at the University and realized that for start-ups or innovations Projects the Lean Canvas (from Ash Maurya) is more appropriate as the original Business Model Canvas (from Alexander Osterwalder). We have used our findings from the Three Canvas Model and have created an enhanced Lean Canvas. More Details you find in the section Lean Canvas.

If you are interested our start-up-Support Programm “Smart-up”, please visit  https://blog.hslu.ch/smart-up/

If you are interested in learning more about Design Thinking, please visit https://blog.hslu.ch/designthinking/

If you have additional ideas, wishes or would like to collaborate in a research project about agile product management, let me know. We intend to integrate our learnings in Design Thinking in product management.

I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestion.
Thank you very much for sharing your experience.