Videography: Art and Academia – Hannover 2022

Both Johannes Binotto and Oswald Iten were giving panel talks at «Videography: Art and Academia», an international video essay symposium about «Epistemological, Political and Pedagogical Potentials of Audiovisual Practices», November 2-4, 2022, organized by Maike Sarah Reinert, Evelyn Kreutzer, Anna-Sophie Philippi, and Kathleen Loock.

Oswald Iten talked about «Researching the Sensuous and Affective Aspects of Film Sound» in the context of videographic research between academic and artistic research, while Johannes Binotto provided the opening statement for a round table about «Employing Video Essays in Teaching: (Against) Best Practices».

The dense and extremely well-organized symposium also provided lots of opportunities to discuss about the future of videography as well as forge new personal connections and deepen existing ones with academics and practitioners from many different countries.

Photos by Sabrina Reis.