Student video notebooks on film history

As part of their first year BA course in film theory the students at the Lucerne School of Art and Design together with Johannes Binotto and in conjunction with the videoessay research project produce collaborative video notebooks on classics of film history.… continue

Student Video Essays on The Conversation

As result of a theory course in February 2021 on filmanalysis taught by Johannes Binotto the first year video students at the Lucerne School of Arts and Design produced these eight video essays.… continue

Dealing with Texts (Differently). The Essayistic from Virginia Woolf to the Video Essay 

BA Seminar taught by Johannes Binotto
Spring Semester 2021, English Department University of Zurich

Abstract: We tend to forget that the term „essay“ literally means „trial, attempt“. As Theodor Adorno has pointed out, the essay as a specific textual form necessarily challenges the ideas of pre-established methods and scientific rules and must instead be understood as an adventurous trial, as a radical experiment which „pays for its affinity to intellectual experience with a lack of security.“… continue

Video Essay Workshop: Minor Instances, Major Consequences.

Charles University Prague, 25.11. / 26.11. / 2.12.2020 (workshop will be held online, due to Covid-19)
Video Essay Workshop on Audiovisual Materiality by Johannes Binotto

The workshop is part of the seminar «Found footage: Praktická teorie filmu» taught by Jiří Anger.continue