Hey! A game

Part of XCOAX 2020.

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Abstract. Hey! Is a game installation, a game that is designed to be played at exhibitions and in public spaces. Hey! Is part of an ongoing group research project examining different questions related to game design, interaction design, generative systems, music, graphical representation and social implications. Its interface is custom made and designed to be non-threatening, playful, robust and easy to set up. The goal of the player is to “build” an AI by “feeding” the game emotions until it recognizes itself as an entity and greets them with hey! The game communicates through graphics, that is ideally surrounding the player or at least filling out their field of vision and generated sound or music. The colors, iconography and the music mirror the “character” of the AI, which is determined by the emotions it is fed. Different stages of graphics and sound match the maturity of the “AI”. From unformed until it reaches coherence and a vision that represents the AI’s dream of itself. Our AI game gives the player a way to playfully confront their hopes, uneasiness and prejudice towards algorithmic decision systems. The game also automatically collects research data when it is played.

Keywords: Alternative Controller, Generative Music, Ludomusicology, Space, Game Design, Artificial Intelligence