Welcome to the course page for Ten Days of Twitter

Ten Days of Twitter or short #HSLU10DoT is an open online course that invites you to experiment with Twitter. The course offers the opportunity to learn how Twitter works and supports you in building up your own personal knowledge network.

This semester Ten Days of Twitter is available as a flexible self-learning program. The course consists of ten units, you can move at your own pace or pick topics that may interest you. The daily tasks are optional, they should encourage you to use Twitter.

Course units

Here’s what will be covered over the Ten Days of Twitter. Each day a small aspect will be shown, building it up so you’ll be tweeting confidently in a couple of weeks!

Day 1: Setting up your account
Day 2: Sending tweets
Day 3: Following people
Day 4: Sending @messages
Day 5: Hashtags
Day 6: Retweeting
Day 7: Images and Media
Day 8: Managing people
Day 9: Managing information
Day 10: Past and Future: Twitter archiving and scheduling tweets

Ten Days of Twitter was developed by Dr Helen Webster and is available under the CC license as an Open Educational Resource. This version with the flag #HSLU10DoT is adapted for the implementation at HSLU with a focus on e-learning topics, the course remains in the original language English.