Day-by-day documentation of the 3rd CreaLab Summer School:
Describe and illustrate your expperiments with text, images and films.

This material will be the basis for your final documentation of the week. To be handed in by September 15th.

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Task 1:
The un-conferencing methodology consist of an open format that is able to integrate questions of participants. What topics were presented and collected during the opening session? How did topics and questions develop/merge/convert during the day?

Task 2:
The CreaLab Summer School is focusing on collaborative and mobile innovation- and creativity environments. What are your reflections on the idea of a mobile Labs:

  • Characteristics of being on the move
  • Strategies developped during the day
  • Integration and effect of found ressources?
  • Requirements for ‘mobile mobiliar’? What does it have to live up to?

Task 3
During our travel we are encoutering and creating spaces. How did you experience them?

  • Characteristics
  • Confines/potential
  • Surprises

Task 4
Report on the team work and group experiences (surprises, challenges, strategies and tools)