End of the week

On Friday, we were able to hear each groups experiences from the day before and had also some short discussion about things that could be improved for the next summer school (e.g. smaller groups).

Following a break, the focus turned to where people actually work: in the office, home, third places or if they use all of these different work spaces.

We were able to hear a presentation from a professor working in the FHNW. He showed us how many people still work in a traditional manner within their workplaces.


After that, the day and the summer school week came to an end.

Up the mountain

Today we took our luggage on a trip up a mountain to really experience „real“  mobility. We met at Stans and went up the mountain with the exciting Cabriobahn. The view was amazing and the atmosphere in our group was already great.

When we arrived at the top, we were given the task to walk around open minded and focus on all kind of different impressions we make on our trip. We had a look at small things, such as flowers or stones.

Another task was to think about what is needed to create something new. We talked about important facts such as courage, self- confidence, a bad environment (which we need to improve), innovative ideas and the discussions with other people. And we also talked about the space, where we can be innovative.

Foto 28.08.14 11 24 39

We made an experiment where we had to sit down by ourselves trying not to think about anything and just listen to our breath.  We shared our experiences about that afterwards and this led to a really interesting discussion.

It was a really inspiring day!

Exhibition day

We started our day at the Soziale Arbeit building in Lucerne by setting up our exhibitions for the last test run. After getting feedback from other students, we moved the exhibition to the room reserved at Raddison Blu hotel across the street. The final exhibition worked as we had planned.

Foto 27.08.14 10 42 23 Foto 27.08.14 10 48 51

For the following workshop we were divided into groups, in which we had time to get relaxed and talk about different topics regarding mobile workspaces. In my group, we went to a hotel room and talked about a new museum project, which was called M1. We talked about this innovative project.

Foto 27.08.14 12 32 30

The hotel room where we discussed this topic was not so big, and it was also pretty hot inside. Its not an ideal space to be innovative as it’s a closed small room. But at the same time, it was really comfortable and with the limited space, it was easier to connect with each other.


This day started at Benzeholz Gallery in Meggen. We were invited to visit an exhibition by the artists A&A. Their exibition showed us a different way of setting up an exhibition by  crossing the line between art and real life. The exhibition  house was pretty interesting to visit and had its own relaxing atmosphere.

After having a look at the exhibition space, we started composing our own exhibitions by theme groups. As I had created an object to organise my tools I need at the office,  my theme was mobile workplaces. We started by discussing what it was that linked our projects beside the obvious thematical similarity. All of our pieces of luggage look unsuspicious and like nothing special  from the outside. So we started developing the concept of our exhibition based upon this.


Foto 26.08.14 10 53 47

Working in groups with different people who had kind of the same transformation ideas, helped bringing many ideas together.

Let the work begin


We started with a walk in a group from Hergiswil to Horw. On our way  we were given  the task to get to know each other and find collaborative places. When we arrived, we had a Introduction of space and mobility. And how we should work in collaborative groups. And we also learned more about our sponsor, the enterprise Witzig. We started talking about space and how we act in different spaces.

Foto 25.08.14 16 45 44

Task 2:

We are in a constant move and your bag/suitcases should not limit us if we take them with us. A mobile Lab is something very personal, because everybody needs something different to bring with them . We all have a different interpretation of the meaning of creativity.


Task 3:

The people made the fablab room into something special. Cause when we worked all there, a specific atmosphere developed.


Task 4:

We were all sitting on different tables, each of us with different ideas and abilities. So it was great to interact with each other and help out others in certain ways.