A ship

Most part of this day we spent on a ship. The tour of 3 hours started and ended in Lucerne. In this time we were asked to analyze the ship in three groups. The only guideline were the topics from which we had to start our analysis. The three topics given were materiality, closeness/distance and dialogue. The idea was to link these to the pieces of luggage and to the ship in some way. There were many different approaches through which we saw many different aspects to the whole thing. With this analysis we were able to see many things about the rooms that can’t be seen immediately and see it from a new point of view.


The task that at first seemed very vague. But through discussions in our group we were able to find our way of getting at the task and finding out things about the analyzed rooms. Thats also why it wasn’t surprising to see that the other groups had had very different approaches. And still there were points which all of the groups saw and mentioned.

Personally I found it especially interesting to get a different way to look at rooms. Through my topic of study I am constantly working with rooms and trying to think about them.