Today we presented our results from our different trips. Then we had a little input about mobile working researches. It was very interesting to see how many people work from home or other places and just about 50% of all the employees work only at the company. I didn’t think there were so many people.
For me it is important to be able to work from home if I want to, since I work more productive and with more desire at home. When i need to work at school and I’m not motivated to do so I won’t get nowhere.

At the end we had a discussion with some professors and company manager about the chances in mobile working and why it is important to the new generation.
We discovered mostly the same advantages and disadvantages like the companies.


  • work wherever you want to
  • work whenever you want to, no strict working hours
  • arrange your day, due to your meeting or appointments


  • the company need to trust their employees
  • you need to be able to arrange your working hours on your own