Vivian Maier

Some inspiring research I did on Vivian Maier for theory class.

Contact Sheet, New York, NY

While I was dealing with Vivian Maier, I noticed that her work must be considered as a series. This is the only way to capture the overall mood that makes her photographs so intense.

The image I chose to analyse
Image analysis according to Panofsky
Mindmap about the Photographer based on the film

„The more one deals with Vivian Maier, the more mysterious she becomes. But then again, maybe the self-portraits do tell something very important about the woman who took them. They show a shy, unpretentious person who steps back behind her art. Who’s not interested in playing a lead role. Someone walking around with a keen eye for detecting candid moments, but preferring to get by unnoticed herself. That’s the beauty of Vivian Maier.“

If you want to know more about Vivian Maier and the discovery of her work I can recommend the film „Finding Vivian Maier“ by John Maloof.

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