New course «Start-up Days» – Students of HSLU in the start-up hotspot London


Before the actual semester started, a group of our students disembarked on an interesting study trip to London. The new course «Start-up Days» took one week and showed the students what they have to do to become a successful entrepreneur. In this blog article, the students Barbara Materna, Ashli Rautenbach, Lucienne Wyss share their insights from a week full of inspiring experiences.

The students received first hand tips from start-up experts on how to start an own business.

Monday and Tuesday, the students got to hear some legal und business insights from the co-lecturers Ueli Grüter and Mike Schwede and successful Swiss entrepreneurs, such as Tobias Gunzenhauser from baby food manufacturer yamo. It was interesting to hear how they got the idea to even do their own start-up companies.

On Wednesday, students had a fully packed day with extremely fascinating London start-up founders and all of their success stories. One of these representatives of the London start-up scene was a manager of TransferWise, one of London’s most successful start-ups and so-called «Unicorn». He gave the students an insight into the start-up phase of TransferWise and its special corporate culture. All Start-up entrepreneurs we visited gave students recommendations, advices and wished them good luck in their possible future start-ups. At the workshops in co-working-spaces, the students also got to experience these new workplaces, which are still rare in Switzerland. To complete the day, students had dinner together in the Swiss vegetarian restaurant Tibits after they received an overview on how Tibits started its business in London.

During a pitch session at the end of the week, the student teams presented their own start-up cases.

For the next days it was up to the students to find ideas and try to plan on how they would do their own start-up. The class got split up in groups and each group had to present their pitch on Friday. The presentations included role-plays, PowerPoint presentations or even just a free talk with the logo of the start-up in the background. The various presentations of possible start-ups were judged by a jury that included beside the lecturers, the Swiss serial entrepreneur Christoph Burgdorfer and Charlotte Chenu from the Swiss Business Hub at the Swiss Embassy in London.

London is not only known as a vibrant start-up centre, but also for its equally vibrant pub culture.

And as befits a study trip to London, we completed it with a visit to a pub and a beer offered by the university. Cheers!

This blog article was written by Barbara Materna, Ashli Rautenbach, Lucienne Wyss, students Lucerne School of Business

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