A night at Lucerne’s new capsule hotel


The capsule hotel is a unique and new offering in Lucerne which aims to promote a new way of co-living and co-working thereby contributing to the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lucerne.

Only one day after the official opening of the capsule hotel at the co-working and innovation space Hirschengraben, a Smart-up member had the unique opportunity to sleep for the first time in a capsule! Below you find his impressions:

The capsule Hotel Luzern is placed in a very convenient central location with lots of Lucerne downtown restaurants and pubs around. The entrance presents itself with as a bit of underground or alternative scene touch that is especially adored by youth, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and other creative public. The check-in and check-out procedures are well explained and easy to follow in the welcome email message of Capsule Hotel administration. The capsule room is equipped with around 20 separate blue lighted futuristic looking sleeping capsules that can be locked from inside and from outside. The toilets, bed linen and capsule itself are absolutely clean. The team and guests are nice. The highlight is the access to living room and small kitchen area where the Capsule Hotel guests have the opportunity to meet and network with the residents and visitors of Hirschengraben Coworking & Innovation centre.

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