Pitching & Fundraising Training (it’s free)!


Ready for the next step? Der globale Accelerator Society3 mit Luzerner Touch bietet am 12. Oktober 2017 ein gratis Pitching & Fundraising Training an, damit du dank den Tipps & Tricks optimal für die Fundraising Saison 2018 vorbereitet bist! Zudem hast du die Möglichkeit in das äusserst erfolgreiche Acclerator von Society3 aufgenommen zu werden.

Hier findest du die wichtigsten Infos in Silicon-Valley Manier:


  • Your company is less than 5 years old
  • Your company produces a product or software 
  • You have two or more founders (min 20% equity each)
  • You should have at least a prototype of what your are planning to introduce
  • Your website needs to be up and running and ideally in English

Apply here for the Pitching & Fundraising -Training!

After the Pitch & Fundraising training, qualifying teams get invited to participate in the pitch event on October 17 (one week later). You have a chance to meet many investors our Investor Network with over 100 active investors.

If you qualify at the pitch event, you have the option to go to the next ScaleUp Accelerator starting Oct 23.

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