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0 Joint Conference – From Surviving to Thriving

Die Krise rund um COVID-19 hat viele Unternehmen aufgerüttelt. Von heute auf morgen mussten Prozesse und Strukturen umgedacht werden. Es galt, Lieferketten sicherzustellen und Aktivitäten aufrechtzuerhalten, die für das Weiterbestehen des Unternehmens unabdingbar waren. Im Survival-Modus haben wir als Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftssystem die ersten Phasen der Pandemie erfolgreich gemeistert. Durch das Aufrütteln ist aber auch

0 Covid – 19 situation for the fallsemester 20

ZHAW – Information Rules of conduct and access to buildings The rules of conduct and the access on the ZHAW premises are regulated by the ZHAW COVID-19 safety plan (last updated on 26.08.2020). The most important key points are: From 1 September, face masks must be worn in all buildings and interiors of the ZHAW. The obligation to

0 Online Graduation Ceremony

The President, Faculty, and Graduating Class of Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture Proudly Announce the Graduation of 45 masters of engineering Students this summer. we are proud to announce in the following all MSE graduate of the Spring Semester 2020 Achtnich, Lukas Agner, Raphael Bächler, Linus Birrer, Michael Bozzini, Pascal Brun, Beni Brunner, Livio

0 First place at the NAFEMS award – Gian Hauenstein

My master thesis is about the characterization of a metallic powder material under different dynamic situations. The powder material is used in additive manufacturing processes for the production of metallic components. The additive manufacturing processes offer several advantages over conventional manufacturing processes. One advantage, which is also related to my master thesis, is the integration

0 iHomeLab

The researchers at the iHomeLab are conducting applied research in energy efficiency, ambient assisted living, and the internet of things. The competence center also offers education and acts as an interface with the general public, the industry, and organizations. The focus areas are Active Assisted Living Research, Energy-Efficiency Research, Internet of Things Research, BACnet Test

0 Swiss Scholarships

The Swiss Study Foundation is providing a variety of Scholarships towards excellent students: Annual Scholarship Werner Siemens Fellowship Mercator Fellowship Binding Scholarship Göhner Scholarship Göhner Scholarschip for Artists Göhner Scholarship for Instructors Suyana Scholarship The Scholarships are not only financial support but are also often have mentoring and networking purposes for the students.

0 Internship opportunity

We are more than happy to announce that we can offer an Internship position at Shiptec AG in Luzern for MSE Students. A former MSE BEP Student is already working at Shiptec. The position requires a profound knowledge of german.

0 Photonics

Photonics is one of the fastest growing key technologies of this century. Its importance for industry, medicine and research which cannot be overestimated. This is also attested to by the two most important industry-related photonics organizations in Switzerland, Swissmem (Photonics Division) and Swissphotonics. On the initiative of Swissmem, Photonics was consequently included as a new

0 Spezialization Project – Raphael Agner

During his Specialization project I, Raphael Agner was able to prove the control concept he developed in his Bachelor Thesis. The goal of his work is to avoid that the fluctuation of production processes has no negative influence on the operation of stratified storage tanks and thereby enabling heat recovery in the industry. He was

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