Master Thesis


 “The Impact of Quantum Computing on the IT-Security of Swiss Enterprises”

I had the opportunity to collaborate with IBM to write a master’s thesis on the impact of quantum computing on the IT security of Swiss companies. For this purpose, I conducted interviews with leading Swiss companies, scientists, and IT security experts. Based on the results of these interviews and the analysis of the latest developments and trends, I have developed guidelines for companies to minimize the negative impact of quantum computing on their IT security. By writing this thesis, I was able to actively look into this highly exciting and relevant topic and gain insights into some of the largest and most important companies in Switzerland.

In the past, Goran worked on in his specialization projects on ” Peer-to-peer micro-job platform” and “Market analysis of a Peer-to-Peer Micro-job platform

Goran Pavlovic – MSE Student Business Engineering

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