Master Thesis


Evaluation of pinch analysis projects in Swiss Industry: Energy efficiency measures and energy demand profiles.”

The Master Thesis by Michael Schubaschitz deals with an evaluation of industrial energy efficiency measures (EEMs) in Switzerland. Special attention was paid to the potentials for energy and CO2 reduction as well as to the economic efficiency. The results show that a large part of the EEMs, which were identified on the basis of a pinch analysis, are economically very reasonable and can be described as cash-cows over the entire life cycle. Thus, EEMs prove to be a possibility to save costs and CO2 emissions at the same time. The results can contribute to future research projects and also help decision-makers in politics and the economy to reach climate goals.  

Profile photo of Michael Schubaschitz
Michael Schubaschitz – MSE Student Energy and Environment

In addition to his MSE studies, Michael Schubaschitz was also able to expand his skills as a research assistant at HSLU and contribute to important research projects in the field of thermal energy systems and process engineering.

As of Today Michael Schubaschitz is working for in the field of planning and Engineering at EVN.


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