0 Kontakt Gespräch 2021

Whether you are about to start your career or are still orienteering yourself. At the «Kontaktgespräch» you will find out where you fit in. Because despite corona, companies are still looking for qualified employees – namely the right person for the right job.    Would you like to prepare specifically for the «Kontaktgespräch»? Visit our offers in the preliminary

0 Webinar: IEEE Xplore Webinar: Search Strategies to Optimize Your Research Time

This free IEEE Xplore webinar is a great way for users to refresh their search skills, as well as unlock all the features available within the IEEE Xplore digital library. This overview will cover the IEEE Xplore content and interface including how to: Construct successful search strategies for precise resultsDiscover trending contentStay current by setting-up saved search alerts and ToC alertsLeverage easy to

0 Master Thesis

The automation industry is one of the quickest developing branches of engineering that propose technological innovative solutions. In practice there is a growing need for implants to work faster, more reliable and to reduce the time for programming machines, such as robot arms. In order to program a Robot arm, a lot of knowledge is

0 New Events this Month!

We happily Present two master fairs this month: Absolventenmesse – Fair for Graduates 25. März 2021, 11:00 Uhr – 15:00 UhrVirtueller Event – talentspace.io Link Sprungbrett-Event Online 29. März – 26. April 2021Virtueller Event Attraktive Regionen, attraktive Arbeitgeber! Deadline: 21. März 2021 Link

0 Student Exchange at KTH University in Stockholm SWE

In the autumn semester 2020, I got the opportunity to spend half a year at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm as an exchange student of the MSE Business Engineering. My study focus was on sustainability, mainly in the field of industrial production. The first-hand knowledge and inspiring discussions in a country that

0 Master Thesis

“Smart journey of the Future. Improving mobility experience with Schindler“ The future may seem unpredictable but trends in technology and society let us imagine what the world can become. Traditional B2B product company can be left behind without servitizing and transforming the user experience. So the Master thesis “Smart journey of the Future. Improving mobility experience with Schindler” is highly innovative

0 Master Thesis

 “The Impact of Quantum Computing on the IT-Security of Swiss Enterprises” I had the opportunity to collaborate with IBM to write a master’s thesis on the impact of quantum computing on the IT security of Swiss companies. For this purpose, I conducted interviews with leading Swiss companies, scientists, and IT security experts. Based on the results

0 Master Thesis

“Development of a service concept for large projects based on the example of Munich Airport“ In this master thesis, a service concept was developed for large-scale projects. The starting point of the thesis was a missing standard of the client for the handling of major projects. The developed concept is modular and allows a global approach

0 Master Thesis

Agile is often viewed as “something that Spotify and Amazon do”. With this thesis’ findings and recommendations, organizations are better equipped to consider their unique context and operating model. Progressive learning is the tool for ultimately creating a better way of living for people and more responsiveness for the customer. Mr. Bajramoski has done for his specialization

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